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Las Vegas 2016

This was truly an amazing trip.  Who knew there was so much to do in Las Vegas.

While some visitors fly in to only see a boxing match and others visit just to hit the slots, there is so much more to do.  In fact, there is so much more to do that it definitely requires more than one trip to do everything. 

This trip included the usual music, food, people and casinos. However, we enjoyed so much more.

Here are the highlights for this Las Vegas Trip.

Las Vegas has high lights indeed, here are our Highlights

Cosmopolitan LobbyWe stayed at the Polo Towers.  This hotel is located on the strip and is near lots of shopping. The rooms are very nice. We enjoyed our VIP checkin and our free check-in gift upon arrival.  The Polo Towers do not have an on site restaurant.

This is an image of the lobby at The Cosmopolitan.  It is located near the Polo Towers.

 If you are in search for a nice breakfast and don’t mind waiting in line, walk over to The Cosmopolitan and visit The Egg Slut! Get ready to wait in line for about an hour.

At The Cosmopolitan
Met up with Laura for breakfast...
Start the morning right!
First time here and it was great...

Las Vegas Highlights away from the lights

After an amazing breakfast, we quickly changed into more rugged ware and headed off to the Hoover Dam. A word of caution, if you are wearing a hat, be sure it is strapped on. If not, you will loose your hat. Also, don’t pour water down over the observatory ledge. It will just splash back up into your face.  Fun facts!

There are plenty of tour buses and vans that you can book for a trip to the Hoover Dam.  We had a rental car and it only took about a 45 min drive to get there. 


Hoover Dam from above
A site to see for sure...
Oh Dam!
Whats holding you back!!
Will you look at that...
A lake in the desert!
Pat Tillman
Memorial Bridge

Las Vegas involves lots of walking on the strip and off it as well

So glad we brought our hiking shoes. The second day in Vegas included a trip to Red Rock Canyon. 

Red Rock Canyon is only about 45 minutes from the strip and even just the drive through Red Rock Canyon is a must. We drove to a few trail heads and enjoyed some amazing hikes.  This helped us burn all those calories we had been consuming!

Remember to hydrate and take some snacks with you.


Hiking in Red Rock Canyon
Near the top!
Amazing views worth the hard work...
My new friend
Catch me if you can!
So rugged but beautiful
I see you!!

Until Next Time

We will focus on the wilder side of Las Vegas on our next Vegas post.  We hope you venture further off the strip next time you are in Vegas.  You can also canoe the river/lake that connects to the Hoover Dam. You will find several caves that you can wander into.  And don’t get me started with Havasu Falls!  They are near the top of my bucket list! Stay safe and in touch!  Join our travel team as we sometimes take over entire resorts and party like rockstars!

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6 Responses

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Las Vegas and I am planning on going one day soon. It is on my bucket list. It looks like such a fun place to be. Now that I’ve seen the not so wild side in your blog, I am even more interested in going, because exploring nature is something I like to do. If  can combine this with a trip to a city like Las Vegas, that’s even better. Red Rock Canyon is definitely something I want to see, and so is the Hoover Dam. Is there a lot of wind on that dam? And why does the water go back up when you throw it over the observatory ledge?

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for reading and commenting.  Exploration is a must.  There is always history and culture to learn about which makes it so much fun.  Our next trip will include Havasu falls for sure.  The wind is so strong at the top of the dam and it blows the water back up at you.  Its fun actually.

  2. If I decide to take a Grand Canyon helicopter trip (for an extra charge) my trip will last with transfers of 4 to 4 and a half hours, of which I will spend 70 minutes in the air. All transfer from the hotel to the airport is included in the price. During the flight, I will see the famous Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead, the western part of the Grand Canyon, Guano Point, and Eagle Point. A picnic with champagne is included in the price. Landing and staying in the canyon zone takes 30 minutes.
    Exciting tours of local restaurants or shopping at the renowned, nearby Premium Outlet are available for travelers who will stay in Vegas without being a fan of the dice. In the evening, we definitely suggest one of the many performances of the famous Cirque de Soleil (for an extra charge and an announcement when booking. Thanks for the post.

    1. Thanks for replying and the information.  That sound like a super fun filled package and time saver. Definitely something to try next time. Yes, the Vegas shows are amazing.

  3. Hi Ceci, 

    I just got back from LA & went to Egg slut there one of my favourite restaurants, so definitely on my list next time I go to Vegas (I haven’t been for about three years now). I’m planning a trip for the end of this year, I’ve done the Hoover dam & Grand Canyon on previous trips; but red rock canyon looks pretty cool; so will be sure to fit that in to my next visit, love a good hike!

    1. Hi Nate,

      Yes, it hits the spot for sure.  Will definitely try the kayaking near hoover dam next time. Take a light jacket to Red Rock Canyon.  It is much cooler than the strip.

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